Plan in Advance

Plan in Advance

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January 18, 2020

Trade shows provide companies the perfect opportunity to increase awareness of their brand and launch new products and services, and a well thought out and smartly executed content marketing campaign is a key component in producing a solid return on your investment.

Planning ahead is a key component to successful trade show marketing. At a trade show, you have the unique challenge of working in a chaotic environment while competing with hundreds of companies for coverage of your products and services.
In reality, companies that plan well in advance get the coverage they seek while companies that
show up at the event with news in hand but no marketing plan fail badly.
To be successful at trade show marketing, you must start with a planning meeting well in advance of the event to discuss attainable goals and the role of your staff to achieve those goals.

Some examples of trade show marketing public
relations goals include:
• Identifying awards opportunities
• Keeping track of the competition
• Securing speaking engagements for
your executives on keynotes, panels and
discussion groups
• Increase visibility with key opinion leaders in
the marketplace
• Maximizing coverage for product launches
• Securing coverage by conducting interviews
with key editors, analysts and bloggers on-site
or outreach to show dailies
• Create excitement with content distributed
(and hashtagged appropriately) over social
media channels
• Monitoring chatter for negative or positive
sentiment and discussions about your brand
or featured products
• Generating sales and new sales opportunities



AUGUST 11-13 2020

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