Managing Tradeshow Logistics & Marketing  

Managing Tradeshow Logistics & Marketing  

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May 2, 2020

Managing Tradeshow Logistics & Marketing  

Smooth sailing is a rare term when it comes to event marketing and to achieve it, you need to have a plan. Managing your logistics and marketing can be a breeze by creating, implementing and following an effective timeline. Here are some tips on how to manage your tradeshow logistics and marketing:

Creating your timeline

When you create your timeline, ask yourself this when adding something to it, “why are we doing this,” instead of, “what to do.” Additional elements to consider when you create your timeline include goals for the show, your marketing messages for your graphics, marketing messages to be conveyed by the team and creating a promotional campaign (important to attract people to your booth in the first place).

Make sure you have answers to the above bullets before you create your timeline, which you’ll create backwards (from tradeshow to date).

A Few Months Out

Review past objectives and see how they line up with your current objectives. Were your past objectives met? Did they help convert interest into sales?

Set a budget and look at your tradeshow map. Look at the schedule and select your area and what you’ll need to set up an effective booth. Do tradeshow expectations fall into what you can afford?

Evaluate your current trade show displays and pop-up displays. Did they help you reach your previous marketing objectives? Do you need a larger booth or other accessories to help you share your message? If you need something like banner stands, aim to create these additions about two months before your show.

Can you afford to make your exhibit more interactive? Consider how you can integrate technology into your exhibit and provide information to your audience.

Closer to your tradeshow, think about the promotions you’ll want to include—brainstorm ideas to promote your presence at the trade show or event before the show, during the show and as a follow-up after the show.

A Month to A Few Weeks Out

Order and send out your promotions and ensure that you have all of your tradeshow elements in place. Once you do, properly package your elements and ship them as soon as possible. When you package your booth pieces, use black cases or hard cases to protect your assets as best as possible. You can make a template of your company’s logo and spray paint them on the side of your packages. For added security and to make sure your quality trade show displays get back to in case they got lost in transit, add some industrial-style baggage tags and secure them to each handle.

Before you package everything, put together an inventory list of your tradeshow elements and other things like pens, candy, promotional items, etc.

Get your leads together and make sure to follow-up with any meetings and confirm.

Tradeshow Day

Save time on tradeshow day by getting there early, or even the day before, and setting up your trade show exactly as you want it to look. While you will more likely be busy selling your company and connecting with others, it’s important to keep track of your metrics to see if your attendance at this tradeshow is a success.

The more you are able to track during the show, the more accurate it will be and you’ll save time and brainpower by not having to think about these logistics after the fact. Automate your workflows, track your leads, follow up with contacts and organize any contracts or documents before, during and after the show. Take the time to do it now so you can save time later.

Take pictures of business cards during the show so you have digital access to contacts you met with—as insurance in case you lose a card or two. Apps like Evernote can sync this data into your phone or computer with the contact’s information for LinkedIn.

After the Show

This is when you analyze the efficacy of your attendance at the tradeshow. Follow-up with those you met and deliver what you promised. Then, review your objectives and see if you met them, surpassed them or were underwhelmed.

Manage your leads, information and your tradeshow exhibit to streamline and centralize your trade show details by managing your tradeshow logistics and marketing with an effective timeline. Stay in touch with your suppliers, vendors, marketing and your internal team to ensure that your presence at the tradeshow is a strong one.




AUGUST 11-13 2020

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