Emerging Tech Pavilion – Tech Phenomenon Innovation World Tour

Emerging Tech Pavilion - Tech Phenomenon Innovation World Tour

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August 30, 2019



Tech Phenomenon Attracts Thousands Of Qualified Buyers With High-level Purchasing Power Looking For The Latest Products, Trends And Ideas For The Future Success Of Their Business.

Sponsorships Offer Your Company The Opportunity To Gain Exposure, High Visibility And Name Recognition To This Targeted Audience. This Show Will Attract Relevant, Decision Making Attendees And Give You The Chance To Stand Out Among The Hundreds Of Other Exhibitors Showcasing Their Products. Every Sponsorship


Pre Event Marketing

From Day One Your Company Receives Pre-event Marketing Like Website Positioning, Social Media Promotion, And Press Releases.

Conference Experience

Plenty Of Full Conference Passes, Booth Staff Passes And Discount Codes To Invite Clients Are Included In Every Sponsorship.

Message Delivery

Workshops, Sessions, And Breakouts Are A Few Of The Opportunities To Deliver Your Message To An Eager And Qualified Audience.

On-site Marketing

High Profile Branding Opportunities To Create Your Presence At The Event Will Give You The Exposure You Need.

Expo Experience

Prime Booth Spaces In The Highest Traffic Areas Are Just One Of The Many Benefits Included In Every Sponsorship.

Phenom Live

Deliver Your Message Across The Room, Across Town, Or Around The World With Phenom Live Content Streaming 24/7 Around The Event.

Post-conference Marketing

Extend Your Influence After The Event Has Closed Its Doors With Creative And Smartly Positioned Opportunities To Connect With Everyone.




AUGUST 11-13 2020

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